Friday, December 28, 2012

SPARK of Tyranny - Part 58: The End

The Bucephalus, having dropped off its passengers at a refugee center on Mars, came back to find the battle was largely over. Jade was ready to head back and see if the people she’d dropped off wanted a lift home when a familiar voice came on over the com. They found Michael and Alex floating in a SPARK escape pod, patiently waiting for pickup. As they pulled the two into the cargo bay, they found themselves with front row seats for the destruction of the SPARK as it flew into the Sun, destroying it utterly and completely.

On Earth, the Bucephalus landed in New York to hero’s welcome. Martian ships set down as well, and were welcomed as members of the human family. It was the first time most of them had ever been to their homeworld, the world that they’d just sacrificed so much to save.
The dead were mourned, but the mood was celebratory, hopeful. Across the Terran Republic, Kilon officials were run off of worlds, Kilon forces overwhelmed. For the first time in decades, the Earth was free.
The mood on Mars was celebratory, yet muted.  The Martians had sacrificed much for Earth’s freedom. Its flagship and most important leader were now gone. Commander Carter stood before the Martian Senate, and presented Admiral SiderĂ©nios’s final message. A message that the Martian Confederacy could no longer sit idly by and ignore the galaxy, that they had a rightful place, and responsibility. Her sacrificed galvanized the Martian people. They were ready to take responsibility. They were ready for war.

On Kilos, Broker Mertomco was held to blame for what was being referred to as the SPARK incident. He was declared a fugitive from justice by the Kilon Federation, yet his whereabouts are unknown. Throughout the federation, fear is spreading. Fear that they’d grossly overreached. Fear that they’d awoken an enemy they could not control. Fear of man. Their future in the galaxy had become much less certain.
Somewhere, at the edges of Kilon space, Mertomco was brokering a deal. Where one old ally now seemed to be an enemy, he reasoned that the best solution was to use an old enemy as an ally. If he could maneuver things just so, the Redipsilon Alliance could rise once more. 

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